Mandatory COVID Testing Requirement For  Arrival


IMPORTANT: The Government of Antigua requires that all passengers arriving by air MUST present a negative COVID-19 RT-PCR test result, taken within seven (7) days of their flight. Please ensure that you comply in order to avoid complications when you arrive.


Mandatory COVID Testing Requirement For  Departure


The tests required for re-entry to the USA, UK and Canada are available in-resort so you endure no disruption to your vacation schedule. Samples will be taken on site by our resort doctor within the time frame specified by your home country and the results returned to you in time for your departure.


If you book direct with the resort and your stay is for five (5) nights or more the testing will be provided to you free of cost.


If you do not qualify for complimentary testing, the cost is as follows:


- Viral/Antigen tests for USA/UK - US$120 per couple

- RT-PCR test for Canada - US$450 per couple


You can also opt to arrange your own testing off-property at any of several medical practitioners and institutions on Island that are now offering these tests.



What if You Test Positive?


If you test positive and you are asymptomatic or your symptoms are mild, local regulations require that you self quarantine at the hotel until such time as you recover and test negative. The hotel will offer you a special concessionary nightly rate in such an eventuality.


If you test positive and your symptoms are strong or severe, local regulations require that you be transferred to the  Mount Saint John's Medical Center for clinical care.


Flexible Cancellation Policy


In these dynamic times we want you to feel confident in making your reservation without the fear that circumstances beyond your control may result in any form of financial loss to you.


Accordingly, we have amended our cancellation policy to allow all travelers penalty free cancellation at any time, where such cancellation is brought about by:


- Imposed travel and/or border restrictions beyond your control

- COVID-19 or related illness being endured by you, your partner or a member of your household which would result in your travel posing a health risk to others

- Hurricane or storm related force majeure that makes it impossible for you to travel as scheduled


Now that you can book with confidence, here is a quick list of the main changes you can expect to see at the resort and the reasons why you can feel assured that your health and safety will be guaranteed at KEYONNA BEACH.


A Natural “Social Distancing” Destination


KEYONNA BEACH is a small 29 cottage resort situated on 4 acres of beach front land. Each accommodation unit is very private and physically separated from any other unit by at least 30 feet. There are no elevators, communal staircases, central air conditioning and the like. The on-site beach is over a mile long ensuring that overcrowding here is virtually impossible. Every trip you make from your cottage to any other area on the site is made in fresh, open air.


In short, you could not ask for a better location in which to vacation at a time like this.


All this being said, we have also taken a number of measures to ensure both your safety and that of our staff and team members until such time as we are able to return to the good old days of a pre-COVID normal.


Check In/Reception


- As always the reception area continues to be an open air lounge.

- Digital image upload of passport bio page for each traveler

- Mobile contact number for each traveler

- Email addresses for each traveler

- Credit card information, where not already on our system, will be collected by telephone after your arrival.

- You will be administered a contact free temperature check upon arrival only out of an abundance of caution. If you leave the property on a tour or outing you will also have your temperature checked, in similar manner, upon return.

- While on property we advise that you use the internal SMS messaging system or telephones to contact staff/management as opposed to visiting reception.




- Our Restaurant is (and has always been) alfresco, making it extremely suitable for risk mitigation in the circumstances.

- We continue to serve all meals a la carte, having never offered buffets.

- Tablecloths will be eliminated for all meals and replaced with wicker/poly place mats that are cleanable on demand.

- The use of physical menus will be discouraged. Daily E-menus for all meals will be sent out in advance to each guest via email and SMS with links to an on-line form where you will be able to select your menu preferences in advance of a meal. If, however, you prefer the traditional physical menu, these will be provided in laminated pouches and will be sanitized before and after each guest use.

- All Dining Room furniture will be thoroughly sanitized prior to the start of every meal and, where applicable, the changeover of a table from one dining couple to another.

- Salt and pepper shakers and condiment containers will be replaced with single use PC items.

- All in-room dining and room service is suspended until further notice except for cases where a guest is ill and confined the room.

- Private Beach Dinners will remain on offer.




- At arrival your room will be supplied with bathroom amenities in enough quantities to last the entire duration of your stay.

- Standard in-room amenities will now be expanded to include hand sanitizer, disposable face masks, and aerosol disinfectant spray. Wearing of masks is not mandatory but we strongly suggest you use them when practicable and necessary for the protection of yourself and others.

- At arrival your room will be supplied with your mini bar selections in enough quantities to last the entire duration of your stay.

- You will have the option to accept traditional daily maid service or to receive fresh linen supplies and do changeovers yourselves, if you so desire.

- Room servicing protocols will now be expanded to include the following procedures:

- Daily sanitizing of all high touch areas such as light switches, toilet handles, doorknobs kettles and mini fridges, telephones, table and chair surfaces, air conditioning and pool light remotes.

- In addition to standard cleaning procedures, ALL fabric items and soft furnishings will be steam cleaned for every arriving room, that is, at the changeover from one set of guests to another.

- All in room literature will be abolished until further notice. Key information such as telephone directory, snacks menus, Private Beach Dinner menus etc. will be provided digitally.

- Maintenance checks/pool servicing and mini bar stocking for arriving rooms will all be conducted PRIOR to the room attendant completing servicing of an arriving room. Rest assured that you will be the first person to access your room on arrival, after its has been serviced and sanitized by Housekeeping.

- Public area cleaning protocols will now be expanded to include the following procedures:

- Thrice daily steam cleaning of cushions and throw pillows in public lounges.

- Steam cleaning of beach lounger/Bali Bed cushions and pillows at the start of each day. We encourage you to stick to using the same Bali Bed and the same set of  beach loungers for any given day.

- Hourly cleaning and sanitizing of all public toilets.


Other Changes


- The hotel has recruited the services of two medical doctors who will be on call in the event of an emergency. We have developed documented procedures which are to be implemented should anyone on site develop symptoms.

- We have invested in staff training/sensitization and PPE. Expect the persons who you encounter on a regular basis to be wearing face masks, face shields, disposable gloves and aprons, depending on the nature of the functions being undertaken. Staff also undergo daily checks and protocols to ensure that the are fit for work and do not pose a risk to other.

- The Spa facility will be open but with a tailored menu of treatments and under strict Covid-19 protocols. All treatments will need to be booked at least 24 hours in advance.

- Yoga sessions will be discontinued until further notice.

- The communal pool will be open but occupancy limited to a maximum of four couples at a time.

- No personal guest laundry service will be provided until further notice.

- Nighttime entertainment will be offered three nights per week utilizing smaller, solo or duo type performers. We ask that you approach these evenings in more of a sit and listen mode as opposed to excessive mingling, dancing and close contact activities with other guests or staff.

- Beach towels will be provided in-room along with regular towels and linen. Dispensing of Beach Towels at reception has been discontinued.

- When requesting drinks at the bar we ask that you exercise normal distancing etiquette and approach the bar tender one couple at a time.

- We ask that you desist from tipping staff in cash or attempting to conduct any transactions with cash. Credit card use is strongly suggested for all payments you wish to make.


We know that some of the above may be painful at worst or irritating at best, but we trust in your good sense and understanding given these unprecedented times. We urge you therefore to abide by the universally known safety protocols of social distancing, self-sanitizing, and use of limited PPE (when practicable) while vacationing with us.


Despite all the present challenges we remain deeply committed to ensuring that you have the most enjoyable vacation possible while staying safe in the process.


See you soon!