Sustainability, Authenticity, Community


Built by and for the community

At Keyonna Beach Resort, you will enjoy a vacation embracing all things natural to the Caribbean, so that you can feel confident that your visit supports sustainable practices for future generations, the planet, and actively supports our community.


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Support Local 

Be Sustainable

We understand that your impact on the environment and the community is important to you … it is important to us too. Which is why our Resort was born from the founding philosophy that a resort should be built from, and benefit the surrounding community, and we have continued to embrace this ethos over the past 10 years, sharing our vintage Caribbean experience with our guests.


Belinda...the seamstress

For the past eight years, Belinda has been diligently designing, crafting and stitching the cushions, the drapery, the loungers, the bedlinens.........almost everything soft to the touch is made hand.


Sean...the carpenter

From tables to chairs, beach beds to loungers...dressers, beds, lamps, bedside tables, mirror frames, and countertops...Sean and his team have hand carved, planed and stained each piece to perfection. Keeping the crafting skills of vintage Caribbean alive.



It truly is seed to table at Keyonna Beach, where Chef Gifford sources his fruits and vegetables from surrounding farmers, with even the staff supplying mangoes and soursups fresh from their gardens.


Faye...Executive Chef

Interpreting authentic Caribbean dishes for an international audience, Executive Chef Faye, skillfully fuses a contemporary mix of international cuisine with strong island influences.


Our farmers...

Fresh, organic, straight from the soil of neighbouring farms. Introducing our guests to the likes of plantain, christophine, eddoes, yams, green fig, coconut, soursup, papaya, and a range of other Caribbean staples...all nutritious and full of flavour.


Our bakers...

Bread baked daily in the nearby village of Urlings, in a traditional wood oven provides the perfect complement to your meal. Our pastry chef makes an array of savoury and sweet treats including Antiguan delicacies such as rocks and coconut tarts, as well as mango cheesecake.


Sourcing locally...

Keeping the decor neutral to accent the dark woods, lush greenery and blue sea, we source our hand weaved lampshades, place mats and bread baskets from the Industrial Workshop for the Blind, in support of  our diverse community.


Mitch...Fresh Coordinator

A new role to strengthen the mandate to include all things fresh into the menus and bars, Mitch Jno Charles' roots from the nearby island of Dominica, along with his experience, align with our vision to transform to a shorter, sustainable supply chain.... from our community to our resorts.


Built by and for the environment

We seek to keep our carbon and environmental footprint minimal, through the farming of rain water and recycling of grey water; minimizing the use of plastic and moving away from single use toiletry items.

Our approach to locally sourcing as many items as possible, particularly food, results in shorter supply chains, simple and sustainable farming systems, supporting the health of the soil, greater food security, less food waste, less processing, and less packaging.

Sustainably preserving our surroundings.